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Dare to be Digital winners announced

Posted onAugust 17, 2012

Dare to be Digital winners announced

Dare to be Digital winners announcedThe three BAFTA-nominated winners of Dare to be Digital were revealed at the climax of Abertay University’s international student game design competition.

A record-breaking audience played the 15 games over three days at the free Dare ProtoPlay games festival in Dundee.

The three games who now compete for the exclusive BAFTA ‘Ones to Watch’ award at the 2013 BAFTA Video Games Awards are:

– Starcrossed, for Windows Phone 7 by Kind of a Big Deal (team leader Kimi Sulopuisto, Petri Liuska, Andrew MacLean, Minttu Meriläinen, Vili Viitaniemi)
– Pixel Story, for PC by Loan Wolf Games (team leader Martin Cosens, Luke Harrison, Ashley Hayes, Thomas McParland, Benjamin Rushton)
– Project Thanatos, for PC and virtual reality headset by Raptor Games (team leader Hugh Laird, Andrew Coles, Tom Kemp, Tom Laird, Alexandra Shapland)

Kimi Sulopuisto from Kind of a Big Deal said: “This is the biggest thing I’ve achieved in my life. I’d absolutely encourage anyone looking to make their own games to enter Dare to be Digital – you’ve nothing to lose, and you could win so much.”

Martin Cosens from Loan Wolf Games said: “This is absolutely amazing. For anyone wanting to make games, I’d say don’t hesitate, just do it. Don’t let anyone curb your ideas or hopes, as things like this can happen – you can get into Dare to be Digital, and get nominated for a BAFTA.”

Hugh Laird from Raptor Games said: “We were hoping and praying we’d get nominated for a BAFTA – it really justifies nine weeks of hard, hard work. And we didn’t expect to win the audience award, which is just the icing on top.”

Johnny Minkley, BAFTA Games Committee member and Dare judge, said: “I’m hugely impressed with the standard of all the games on show and the professionalism and passion of all the Dare to be Digital teams.

“It was a hard choice for the judges, but all three BAFTA nominees are strong games and very different games. It will be a really tough decision for the judges to pick the final BAFTA winner at the Video Games Awards next March.”

Loan Wolf Games were also the winners of the brand new £25,000 Channel 4 prize. They will now be funded and supported to complete their game for a full commercial release.

Raptor Games also won the public vote for the Intel Visual Computing Tools Audience Award, with each team member receiving an Intel Ultrabook.

Kind of a Big Deal were supported to take part in Dare to be Digital by the Scottish Government as this year’s Nordic competitor, as were the Chinese and Indian teams.

Professor Louis Natanson, who leads computer games education at Abertay University, said: “The entrants to Abertay University’s Dare to be Digital get better and better every year, and all 15 teams have done something incredible – built a professional, playable and exciting game in just nine weeks.

“The BAFTA-nominated winners – Kind of a Big Deal, Loan Wolf Games and Raptor Games – stood out from the tough competition for their exceptional game design, playability and commercial appeal, but all 15 teams have the experience now to enter the games industry or start their own businesses.

“We look forward to seeing, and playing, many successes from them in the future.”

This year’s Dare ProtoPlay festival was also expanded to include Dare Indie Fest, a conference for budding entrepreneurs and a showcase of games from independent companies.

Dare Indie Fest was presented by the Abertay Prototype Fund, which provides grants of up to £25,000 to small and startup games companies.http://prototypefund.abertay.ac.uk/

Over 40 games were available to play for free throughout the Dare ProtoPlay weekend, including the 15 student games and new titles from independent game developers from across the UK and as far afield as Romania.

Continued Scottish Government support of £85,700 enabled teams from China, India and Finland to take part in Dare to be Digital this year. Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop officially opened the Dare ProtoPlay festival.

Support from EventScotland enabled Dare to be Digital to expand into the City Square marquee.

The event was also supported by Ukie, Dundee City Council and Interactive Tayside.

Dare to be Digital launches Indie Festival

Posted onJuly 5, 2012

Dare to be Digital launches Indie Festival

Dare to be Digital launches Indie FestivalThe world-leading student computer game design competition Dare to be Digital will be bigger than ever before this year, with the launch of the new Dare Indie Fest sharing the secrets for games industry success.
The three-day event on 10th-12th August will be presented by the Abertay University Prototype Fund and will have a strong focus on bringing independent developers together with publishers, funders and commissioners. Visitors will get to make serious contacts and discuss new business opportunities.
“The Prototype Fund has received applications for funding from over 250 companies since it was launched and we have already funded 35 indie developers,” said Paul Durrant, Director of Business Development at Abertay University.
“Presenting Dare Indie Fest at Dare ProtoPlay is a part of our wider support for the companies we’ve already invested in and the young, promising businesses we will support in the future.” 
Speakers include the Games Commissioner at Channel 4; the Executive Producer of Gaming at BBC Worldwide; CCP, the Icelandic creators of the world’s largest game universe EVE Online; online game network Turbulenz; data experts Games Analytics and many, many more to be announced soon.
BAFTA, long-time partners with Dare to be Digital’s exclusive ‘Ones to Watch’ BAFTA award, will also bring its hugely popular BAFTA Games Question Time to Dare Indie Fest.
Dare Indie Fest is part of Dare ProtoPlay, the games festival where all 15 of the brand new Dare to be Digital games go on show to the public. It will be held in Dundee’s Caird Hall on 10th-12th August.
Gregor White, Director of Dare to be Digital, said:
“Dare Indie Fest will be a fantastic opportunity for independent companies to come to Dundee and make the contacts they need to find new opportunities and secure new business.
“We’re delighted to welcome the commissioners from BBC Worldwide and Channel 4, who are responsible for commissioning new games to support their world-class broadcasting, as well a host of publishers and internationally successful games companies.
“Dare Indie Fest will help independent game developers learn how to build their business and promises to be a very exciting weekend indeed.”

BAFTA-winning student game unveiled

Posted onMarch 18, 2012

BAFTA-winning student game unveiled

BAFTA-winning student game unveiled

The BAFTA and Dare to be Digital ‘Ones to Watch’ award for a new student game was awarded tonight to Swallowtail, a team from Norwich University College of the Arts and the University of Abertay Dundee.

‘Ones to Watch’ is a unique BAFTA prize, only available to competitors in the University of Abertay Dundee’s world-leading game design competition Dare to be Digital.

The winning game is a beautiful, colourful puzzler called Tick Tock Toys for the iPad, where you need to clear a toy box to help your clockwork robot pass a series of obstacles.

Each summer 15 teams come to Abertay University to build a working game in just nine weeks. The games then go on show to thousands of members of the public at the Dare ProtoPlay games festival in Dundee.

Last year’s festival was opened by the man behind the Raspberry Pi credit card-sized PC, David Braben.

Sophia George, team leader of Swallowtail, said: “We’re really thrilled and shocked to win – and very excited for the future. We’d really like to release Tick Tock Toys for the iPad

“Dare to be Digital has been such an amazing experience, from coming to Abertay University, working through the whole Dare experience with amazing mentors, and now to the BAFTAs.

“We hope we’ve made our universities, teachers and families proud of us.”

Sophia studied at Norwich University College of the Arts before moving to Dundee to study Abertay University’s applied Professional Masters in Games Development course.

Swallowtail’s other members are Rosie Ball, Mark Bamford, Kristian Francis and Callum Goold.

Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop said: “Scotland is known the world over as place of great creativity and innovation, with our computer games industry undoubtedly one of our global success stories.

“I would like to congratulate Swallowtail on being named BAFTA ‘Ones to Watch’ in 2012, the Year of Creative Scotland. They and the other nominees from Dare to be Digital are helping to enhance Scotland’s international reputation for creative excellence and contributing to the success of our creative industries sector.”

Professor Louis Natanson, who leads computer games education at Abertay University, said: “Winning a BAFTA is a life-changing experience for anyone looking to enter the games industry, and we’re delighted to see a game as enjoyable and as professional as Tick Tock Toys taking the ‘Ones to Watch’ award this evening.

“The quality of the Dare to be Digital games is quite incredible. Building a game in just nine weeks is an amazing achievement, and thousands of people saw, played and enjoyed these games last summer at our Dare ProtoPlay games festival in Dundee.”

He added: “These students are entering the games industry at a fascinating time, with unprecedented opportunities for small teams to publish their own games online.

“Just look at the huge success of Minecraft, whose creator Markus Persson won the BAFTA Special Award this evening. Small, creative teams can create sustainable businesses, which is a major focus for both Dare to be Digital and Abertay’s Prototype Fund.”

All three BAFTA-nominated teams also had the opportunity of pitching their games to a panel of industry experts at a special BAFTA and Abertay University Prototype Fund event on Thursday night.

Applications for Dare to be Digital 2012 are now open at http://www.daretobedigital.com/ with a closing date of April 10 at 5pm.

The career-launching award was announced at a glittering ceremony in the London Hilton, Park Lane, hosted by comedian and games enthusiast Dara O Briain.


UK Government step forward welcomed by Abertay

Posted onNovember 28, 2011

UK Government step forward welcomed by Abertay

The UK Government has made “a positive step forward for computer science” in its official response to the Next Gen report, the University of Abertay Dundee said today.
In the document from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Government commits itself to “working with Next Gen Skills, educators and others to develop an attractive computer science offering for schools”.
The Next Gen report into the UK’s video games and visual effects industries recommended earlier this year that computer science be introduced as a core part of school education.
Its recommendations also included introducing Abertay University’s Dare to be Digital model of workplace simulation into university courses across the UK, which the Government today endorsed.
Dr Louis Natanson, who leads computer games education at Abertay University, said: “Today the UK Government has made a positive step forward for computer science by recognising its importance for the nation’s future economic development.
“Computer games and visual effects are high-growth, high-value industries with the potential to drive Britain forward, increasing investment and exports, and repositioning the UK as one of the world’s most creative nations.
“However, without school children being excited about computer science – and being encouraged to study art, maths and science side-by-side – we are at risk of falling further behind.”
The Government’s response praises Abertay University’s ongoing work to make degrees industry-relevant, its work with the BAFTA Young Games Designers competition, and its Prototype Fund for investment in new companies and giving graduates valuable work experience.
Paul Durrant, Director of Business Development at Abertay, added: “Action is needed right across the UK, from educators, industry and both the UK and Scottish Governments.
“The Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence is, for instance, an excellent opportunity to teach subjects like art and computer science together.
“We need to see today’s positive step forward continue, with real support continuing to come from both the UK and Scottish Governments.”
The Next Gen report by creative industries experts Ian Livingstone and Alex Hope was commissioned by Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries, in July 2010.
They were tasked to produce an independent report into the skills needed for the UK to thrive as a world-class centre for the computer games and visual effects industries.

Dare Protoplay returns to Dundee

Posted onAugust 12, 2011

Dare Protoplay returns to Dundee

Dare Protoplay returns to Dundee

The annual Dare Protoplay event began today and runs to sunday. Its the culmination of nine weeks of programming by young computer games designers from all over the world. This year the event was opened by legendary British computer programmer David Braben he co-wrote the worlds first 3D computer game in 1982.

Dare Protoplay to return to Dundee

Posted onAugust 9, 2011

Dare Protoplay to return to Dundee

Dare Protoplay to return to Dundee

The Caird Hall is preparing to host this years Dare Protoplay from Friday to Sunday. Organised by Abertay University 15 teams from around the world have been designing new computer games which the public are invited to come along and play then vote on. The teams are competing to win a BAFTA. Click the photo to watch our video

Dare to be Digital 2009

Posted onOctober 14, 2009

Dare to be Digital 2009

Dare to be Digital 2009

Dare to be Digital 2009. Elaine Russell Dare to be Digital 2009 project manager interviewed as the prototype games became available on line.

This was the first Dundeechannel.com clip to feature use of a green screen. The green screen was located in Abertay University and used after Elaine suggested it. These early attempts were pretty rough. But green screen effects have continually been used on Dundeechannel.com right up to last year. The promotional video for Dare to Digital 2009 became the first video shown on Dundeechannel.com which was not produced by Dundeechannel.com. That occurance is still quite rare to this day as Dundeechannel.com makes most of its money from production.



Dare to be Digital 2009 Promotional Video

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