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Europeans attempt to change Irn Bru

Posted onSeptember 11, 2011

The secret recipe of Scotlands other national drink will not be changed after European politicians voted to scale back plans to restrict the use of a crucial colouring. Iru Bru lovers including First Minister Alex Salmond feared for the future of the iconic recipe as a European Health Committee met this week to decide the minimum permitted level of sunset yellow the colouring behind its distinctive rusty hue. The ruling would have forced Iru Bru manufacturer AG Barr to half the amount of sunset yellow in the drink. 

MSPs to tackle sectarianism at football matches

Posted onSeptember 6, 2011

MSPs will hear evidence from football fans, pundits and academics on legislation to tackle hate crime at football matches. Fans of Dundee United, Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts football clubs will also be represented. In addition academics from the University of Abertay in Dundee and Queens University in Belfast will speak at the meeting. The SNP originally wanted to pass a bill tackling sectarianism before parliament went into recess ahead of the football season kicking off. However opposition parties raised concerns over the speed of change and First Minister Alex Salmond agreed it would not be rushed through as emergency legislation.

First Minister Alex Salmond expresses his frustration

Posted onAugust 11, 2011

First Minister Alex Salmond yesterday expressed his frustration that the London and England riots were being reported in the media as UK riots. The First Minister wanted to make it clear what we are seeing are riots in London and English cities. 

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