Scotland wants distinct internet domain name

Scotland wants distinct internet domain name

The Scottish Government has asked UK communications minister Ed Vaizey to back  a bid to create a distinct “dotSCOT” internet identity. Alex Neil Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment has written to Mr Vaizey asking him to back the not-for-profit company Dot Scot Registry. Under the company’s plans, Scottish websites could have the suffix “.scot” at the end instead of “.com” or “”. The International Corporation for the Assigned Names and Numbers announced in the summer that the application window for new Top Level Domains will open for a three month period from January 12th next year. Hundreds of bids for domains are expected to be submitted including dotNYC, dotLONDON, dotBERLINand dotCYMRU in a process that will expand greatly the number of domains or web addresses available to internet users.


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